Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Opus 1

I have been playing with the larger Opus Zentangle® tiles.  Just finished two this week and want to share.

By way of background, when I first started to tangle, I usually tangled on large sheets, as big as 17" by 20", pieces of Bristol vellum. Here is an example of one of my early ZIAs, before i went for certification to teach.  I was tangling up to six hours a day using Sharpie Ultra Fine markers or Pilot Precise V5 Extra fine pens.

I haven't done many big pieces lately until I started on the Opus tiles (10.5 by 10.5").  They feel quite different from the big Bristol pieces, in part because of the luscious Fabriano paper, and in part because they are square.  Here are my first three.    

Too bad I cannot get them to appear square, which they are.

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